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Anecdotes of the filming, memoranda, information movie fans : every week, check out the behind the scenes of the cinema. Last love from Benoît Jacquot With Vincent Lindon, Stacy Martin, Valeria Golino… did you know ? The historical figure of Casanova has already appeared many times at the cinema before Benoît Jacquot does not hold. As early as 1927, the famous womanizer, was the hero of a film directed by Alexandre Volkoff. Jean Boyer has also directed The Adventures of Casanova in 1946. The most famous adaptation of the life of writer and adventurer venetian is surely the one carried out by Fellini in 1976 with Donald Sutherland in the title role. In 2014, John Malkovich was to turn the clothes of the character in Casanova Variations. Walter trailer VF Walter of Varante Soudjian With Issaka Sawadogo, Alban Ivanov, Judith El Zein… did you know ? Walter has been shot in a real supermarket in Belgium. Varante Soudjian and his team could not work that night always under surveillance, with movements limited and dependent on the opening hours of the store. The director recalls : “to believe that it is easier to make a film in a nuclear power plant. We shot Walter in just 30 days with all the surprises inherent in a first movie…” m'likes to follow me! Trailer VF Who loves me follow me! José Alcala With Daniel Auteuil, Catherine Frot, Bernard Le Coq… did you know ? If Who loves me follow me ! seems to tell the story, tender and fraternal of a love triangle, it was also to José Alcala discuss the situation of pensioners who are struggling to meet their needs, but who have not lost their desire to live. Inspired by a retired couple settled in a small village in the South of France, the director chose to focus on “a generation that had invented in 68, the ideals of liberty and fraternity, and that was something great to pass on. But the relay was not done, in part because of them. Today they are referred to as responsible for all the excesses consumerist, but they are mourning their lost illusions, trying, in spite of everything, hang in there”. M trailer VO M Yolande Zauberman did you know ? Yolande Zauberman has wanted to make this film for all the injured children. “The injury is something universal. Very rare are the children who have not had a first contact with sexuality brutal : to be verbal, either in the form of a gesture, or worse. Yet it is mentioned almost never. We share very little with the other. Rare are the families in which someone has not been injured. And this thing – the rape – multiplies and spreads in the silence. The wound is located in the same place as the pleasure. This is the fact that it is something deep, of the founder, which belongs to all the world, and changes the relation to the policy, to obedience, to cruelty, to everything”, explains the director. Wild trailer VF Wild of Dennis Berry With Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Catarina Wallenstein, João Nunes Monteiro… did you know ? Dennis Berry has wanted that two major themes run through the Wild : love and freedom. The director confides : “All in the preparation, creation, the development of the film, was dictated by the freedom. This was a real luxury to be as free, I wrote this film to the day-to-day on the shoot to move forward on a tight rope, without knowing where it went, to put me in danger, not to sure my great, exalted by the danger, hoping that this created a crystallization-formal.” The Body wild trailer VF The Body wild Cheyenne Carron With Nina Klinkhamer, François Goeske, François Pouron… what is it about ? Looking for a new way of living, Diane, 25 years old, moved in with his grandfather in a village bordering a forest where she was practicing bow hunting. The grand-father made him discover the world of hunting, its rites and its traditions, as well as his village, where everyone lives in harmony, united by common values unifying. This harmony is soon threatened by a group of hunter without ethical ; but Diane is determined to protect the village and the nature unwillingly.

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